Innovation in digital healthcare

A portfolio of innovation in the ways we understand health data and provide healthcare to patients.

Games for good is a catalogue of knowledge games which are helping us understand public health

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Players implicitly learn the complexity of network data in Genetic Epidemiology. Play as a public health policy maker and intervene on factors such as smoking, exercise and socialisation in order to improve the health of a simulated nation. We used an accurate propagation model and genetic data to build a realistic simulation, as complex as the real-life situation.

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Visualising data reliability

This visualisation demonstrates the impact of publication bias how researcher degrees of freedom can lead to over a hundred thousand different results from one study. A second version was presented at a regional academic conference (ESRC SWDTP conference).

Jean Golding Institute award

ESRC conference
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This easy-to use tool produces accurate network visualisations of interrelated data in genetic epidemiology. Simply upload your data and press 'produce graph' to produce a publication-quality graphic that can be used for exploratory and confirmatory analyses.

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This virtual assistant was deployed and improved in an iterative design loop in response to patient feedback over a period of 6 months. By the end of this process, the GPVirtualAssistant was a fully functioning online-triage system consistently used by patients to relieve the burden on the largest general practice in the county.

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As a team we produced a map which helps policy makers and public health experts identify the areas in Wales most vulnerable to COVID-19.

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Digital art

In my free time I enjoy making digital drawings and photography.

Icons for epidemiology
Free to use icons for epidemiologists

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This website was commissioned as the first point of contact for primary care patients. A beskpoke advice directory helped relieve burden on the practice by providing online advice on acute conditions, freeing up phone lines for more urgent calls.


Independent digital contractor for NHS primary care 2014-2017

University of Bristol doctoral researcher in the Dynamic Genetics lab group (MRC Integrative Epidemiology Unit and School of Psychological Science)